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Read on for parakeet toy safety tips, what to look for, what toys parakeets love the best, recommended parakeet toys and more.

Parakeets need many different kinds of toys! Look for toys with bells, spinning things, anything with mirrors, swings, ladders, and soft wood or paper that they can chew or shred.

We have bought nearly every parakeet toy in existence. Some the birds love and play with incessantly and some they just ignore. Here we have listed the bird toys that the parakeets really loved and played with constantly. We think your parakeets will have as much fun with these bird toys as our parakeets did playing with these!

Don't just give your parrakeet the tiny bird toys made specifically for parakeets - some of the bird toys made for larger parrots can be just as fun for parakeets!

Also, remember, parrots love to chew and need to chew to keep their beaks healthy! They need toys that they can shred and chew on and destroy! We've heard horror stories of poor little parakeets who spent their days without toys to play with because "they just destroyed them"! Well, yes, they should! That's what they do! A parakeet without different toys to play and engage their intelligent mind with will quickly become bored and may turn to destructive behavior like destroying furniture or feather plucking.

Parakeet Toy Safety Tips:

Here are our flocks' favorite parakeet toys:

Toys My Keets Didn't Care For

Hates It!
Living World Life-Size Singing Parakeet
Living World Life-Size Singing Parakeet