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Read on for health requirements for parakeets, list of foods *not* to give parakeets, parakeet food recipes, and recommended seed mixes, cooked mixes, pellets, and more...
Although wild Budgerigars eat grass seeds almost exclusively, avian veterinarians recommend captive birds' diets be supplemented with foods such as organic fresh fruits and vegetables, sprouted seeds, pasta, whole grain bread and other healthy human foods, as well as pellets formulated for small parrots. Adding these foods provides additional nutrients and can prevent obesity and lipomas, as can substituting millet, which is relatively low in fat, for seeds mixes. Budgerigars do not always adapt readily to dietary additions, however. The key is patience and persistence. At first, they may be wary of new foods, but after a few weeks they may come around. Try giving an organic carrot with sopping wet carrot top greens or wet kale in a shallow bowl, and as they bathe they will nibble on the greens. Also try weaving greens through the bars of the cage for shredding. Chocolate and avocado are recognized as potential toxins. - Wikipedia
Parakeet Food Recipes
Free Parakeet Food Recipes Cookbook - Hundreds of heathy simple recipes for yummy food you can make for your parakeets at home!

Recommended Parakeet Food: Dr Harvey's Best Parakeet Food, Harrison's, Roudybush, Totally Organic Pellets